Chemical Solutions for Industry

Here at Draychem we develop specific chemical solutions to meet the demands of modern industry, specialising in the printing, manufacturing and process cleaning industries as well as in general industrial cleaning. Draychem strongly focuses on Anilox Roll Cleaning. Even more, we excel in developing products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. In the same way of keeping and maintaining maximum performance.

Draychem’s successes involve the company’s beliefs in personal and excellent service. By discussing your company’s needs directly with you, we are able to ensure that you are purchasing the right product for your requirement. We are constantly developing our range of products to be at the forefront of the development of eco-friendly products.

Our formulated and packaged products are slowly meeting Draychem’s objective. This being said Draychem’s objectives involve minimising or even eliminating chemical and packaging waste at the point of disposal.In other words, we as a company are trying our best to make our products green!

About Draychem

In 1989, Draychem began and from then it has developed into a leading supplier of chemicals and solutions based in the South West of England. Draychem is an environmentally friendly company and as you will see from reading our health, safety and environmental statement, we are committed to providing solutions that are safe to use and will not harm our natural surroundings.

We have built a reputation with our customers for delivering on time with the right product to solve their problem. Our team have many years’ experience and knowledge of the industries we supply to and can work with you to deliver the solution that is correct for your needs. Draychem’s capability is in understanding our customers’ needs and processes and then identifying the right solution.

Finally, Draychem specialise in developing specific chemical solutions to meet the demands of industry as well as economy and efficient anilox roll cleaning services. That being the case, our range of products provides maximum performance whilst remaining the most ecologically friendly available.




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