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Top Loading Washers (Superior Range)


Our Spray Wash range of machines have been engineered to a high standard and provide features for all applications.

We can currently supply a range of low-cost hot parts spray washing machines suitable for small garages/engineering businesses, right up to large scale manufacturing and engineering companies. These machines can be Top-Loading (for smaller applications) or Front Loading designs up to 3 meters and also bespoke sizes. We are excited in being able to offer our own-designed, fully stainless steel inside and out automatic hot spray parts washer.Introducing the Blast-wash Range of front-loading hot wash machines.

Please give us a ring if you are interested on 01225 783222 also this product is guaranteed 12 month warranty.

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We also have a rinse facility which can phosphate prior to painting, if required and unique warm air drying system. These machines are available to Rent, terms for Lease purchase and Lease Rents are also available. Draychem can also provide front loading large machines needed for heavy duty applications. All our machines are CE marked and approved with certificate.


  • Fully stainless internally & externally
  • Fine particulate filter as standard
  • Adjustable cycle duration
  • Robust high pressure pump
  • Stainless Steel boom arm
  • Heavy duty basket
  • Easy to use, operator friendly
  • Heating controllable 0-100 C
  • Able to flash dry components
  • Weight capacity 450KG

Additional Services:

  • Delivery, Commissioning, Training and Support provided.
  • Full stock of replacement parts on next day service.
  • Demonstration facilties.
  • Provide testimonials regarding; quality, use and customer service.


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