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Pressure Pot Conversion (kit)

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Pressure Pot conversion kit ideal to fit most suction/venture blast cabinets to convert into a pressure based blast cabinet.

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Pressure Pot Conversion (kit)

Available to fit most cabinets

What is it for?
  • The pressure pot conversion allows for suction or venture blast cabinets to be converted to a pressure based blast cabinet.
How does it work?
  • The pressure system has a steeper cone shape feature to make sure that the saunders valve is constantly fed.
  • The saunders valve will be fed with abrasive, as some types tend to be a more rounded bowls.
Additional Information:
  • This pressure pot has been designed with 45 years of combined experience to achieve the highest standards.
  • This type of equipment is a significant investment in the tooling industry.
  • It was fabricated by a 10 years time served ex-OEM senior fabricator (who are a dry blast OEM Surface Treatment Manufacturer).
  • As a company, we understand the good and bad points of all equipment hence why we have made it better at a lower cost.

If you are interested in this product please call Draychem on 01225-783222.


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