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Front Loading Washers (Superior Range)

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We are excited in being able to offer our own-designed, fully stainless steel inside and out automatic hot spray parts washer. Introducing the Blast-wash Range of front-loading hot wash machines.

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Front Loading Washer (Superior Range)

Spraywash or Front Loading Machines

What is it for?
  • Front loading is a cleaning machine where the door is at the front of the machine.
  • Superior range implies that these machines are higher rank, status and quality compared to our small business industrial machines.
  • Front Loading designs can be up to 3 meters and also bespoke sizes.
  • Hot parts spray wash machines are ideal for garages and engineering businesses but certain machinery can cater for larger scale businesses and companies.
How does it work?
  • You place the items int the top loading washer and the close the machine up.
  • Using the orange control pad, you would assign the right controls based on what type of product you are cleaning.
  • The cycle will then begin to spin cleaning the products inside the washer with hot water and quality detergents.
  • Rinse facility allows the machine to phosphate prior to painting, if required.
  • Unique warm air drying system can be applied after the cleaning process.


  • Fully stainless internally & externally.
  • Fine particulate filter as standard.
  • Adjustable cycle duration.
  • Robust high pressure pump.
  • Stainless Steel boom arm.
  • Heavy duty basket.
  • Easy to use, operator friendly.
  • Heating controllable 0-100 C.
  • Able to flash dry components.
  • Weight capacity 450KG.

Additional Services:

  • Advice on all applications and chemicals supplies.
  • Delivery, Commissioning, Training and Support.
  • Stock replacement parts on a next day service.
  • Demonstration facilities.
  • Testimonials regarding quality, use and customer service.
  • Manufacture/Fabricate pre-treatment dip tanks.
  • Spray wash pre-treatment machines.
  • CE marked and also approved with certificate.
  • These machines are available to Rent, terms for Lease purchase and Lease Rents are also available.
  • Draychem can also provide front loading large machines needed for heavy duty applications.


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