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£2.22 per Litre

Drayclean is an economical solvent based ink remover designed as a general cleaner and to remove water-based inks from anilox rolls and printing plates.


Drayclean – General Cleaner and Ink Remover

Available in 4x5L containers

Product Description:
  • Economical solvent-based ink remover.
  • Effective general cleaner and in the removal of water-based inks from anilox roll and printing plates.
  • User-friendly solvent based means that the product can be used on any part of the press without risk of aluminium corrosion or metal staining.
  • Ultimately safe.
  • Will not cause any pitting or corrosion associated with other products which contain caustic.
  • Ideally used with a manual dosing system and can be used with sprayers for general cleaning.
  • Can be diluted in buckets for regular re-circulated washes as part as a routine maintenance for anilox rollers.
Prices do not include VAT
Stock Size Price per Litre (L) Price
4X5L £2.22 £44.40
25L £1.92 £48.00
210L £1.62 £340.20
1000L £1.44 £1440.00

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