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D-SCALE – 210L

£2.34 per Litre

D-Scale is a hydrochloric de scalar, which is designed for heavy-duty applications on concrete and cement while minimizing future scale formation.

D-Scale – Hydrochloric De-Scalar

Available in 210L containers

Product Description:
  • Hydrochloric de-scalar.
  • This is an acid-based product.
  • Designed for heavy duty applications, while minimizing future scale formation.
  • Available to remove concrete and cement deposits, while brightening concrete.
  • Not safe to use on stainless steel.
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Stock Size Price per Litre (L) Price
2X5L £3.51 £35.10
4X5L £3.09 £61.80
25L £2.99 £74.75
210L £2.34 £491.40
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