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1100 High Pressure Manual Degreasing Cabinet

£4,495.00 inc VAT £5,394.00

BW-HPW series cabin washing machines has been designed for cleaning of small, complex components with high pressured water.

More information on pricing and our T&C’s can be found in the description below.
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1110 High Pressure Manual Degreasing Cabinet


What is it for?
  • BW-HPW1100 series cabin washing machine allows for cleaning small yet complex components with high-pressure water.
How does it work?
  1. The pump is operated by a foot switch allowing hands-free cleaning and also better control to the operator.
  2. The water is heated by an efficient heating system to increase washing quality.
  3. The insulated washing tank will reduce energy consumption while in operation.
  4. Twin LED lights in the washing cabin, allows you to monitor through the glass.
  5. An air knife cleaning system will ensure continuous yet excellent visibility during the washing operation.
Additional Information:
  • Equipped with an air gun for drying of the parts after washing.
  • Two stage filtering process:
    • First stage: filtering has already been done through to a stainless steel bucket for easy cleaning.
    • Second stage: filtering has been done by a different type of filter to allow for finer filtering capacity.
  •  Finally, a digital display of the operating temperature will be visible for optimal cleaning performance.
  • Finally, the pressure pump meter shows the pump pressure continuously.
  • Internal Working Dimension (Model – BW-HPW1100) – 1100 X 700 MM
  • Fully Stainless Steel Construction
  • 7.5KW Heating Element
  • Single or Three Electrics
  • Digital Temperature Control 0-50 C
  • High Pressure Heavy Duty Pump
  • Air Wash Gun
  • Weight Capacity – 100KG
  • Twin LED Lighting
  • Twin Stainless Steel Filters
  • Viewing Window Air Knife/Jet For Clear Visibility
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • CE Compliant
  • Air Operated Door For Space Saving In The Workshop
  • Small External Footprint
  • Thermostatically Controlled
  • To install the machine all you will need is a single phase 20AMP supply, a small compressor for the pneumatic door operation and air wash gun too.
  • Included in the price is Delivery, commissioning, operator training and a initial supply of chemical.
Typical Application:
  • All Engine components.
  • Aerospace applications.
  • Alloy wheel industry for removing residual paint after stripping.
  • Pressure Testing.
  • Marine Applications

The price below includes; delivery, commissioning, operator training and also initial supply of detergent.


Lease purchase or rental option is based on a 36 month period. Once the period is finished, the machine will then be yours. Please note certain subjects to status and admin feed at end of term)




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