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Why are Anilox Rollers one of the most vital parts of the printing process?

Draychem recognise the effects of poor anilox roll cleaning and maintenance on the print process. If Anilox cells become contaminated it will give you poor colour matching, coverage, hickies and reduce the density of the printed colour. Overtime, if this problem is not resolved by regular on site or off site cleaning then wrap arounds may occur. Leaving our customers with poor quality printing, downtime and even more costs too!

Draychem have conducted many years of research around this problem. Coming to the conclusion that not all ink manufacturers nor universal cleaner products are the same. As a result, Draychem have worked very closely with ink manufacturers to produce a range of Anilox Roller and general cleaning solutions, to match your ink needs. Our special relationship with these ink manufacturers allowed us to develop new products. Making sure Draychem is consistently matching the ink formulations in the market. Draychem are proud to be the UK’s Anilox cleaning partner for Apex Europe – the world’s largest manufacturer of Anilox Rolls. 

During our R&D programs, we will decide the most efficient ink removal, while eliminating any adverse effect on machinery. Ensuring that the most operator and environmentally friendly chemicals are available to all our customers. Through our ‘Navigation Panel’ you can explore our developments within the printing process.

For more information on Anilox roll cleaning and also chemicals for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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