High Pressure Degreasing Cabinet

New High Pressure Degreasing Cabinet

800 High Pressure Manual Degreasing Cabinet

£4495 + VAT + Delivery

Rent £33.45+ (excl. VAT) per week (subject to status) with a rental term of 36 months

Draychem offers a range of machines, such as a Degreasing Cabinet. The BW-HPW series cabin washing machines allows for cleaning of small, complex components with high-pressured water. The foot switch operate the pump, allowing for hands free cleaning and provides better control to the operator. The high flow rate pump allows outstanding performance for perfect cleaning results. If you would like more information, then it is available through the black button below. However, if you would like to speak to someone at our Daychem’s team then please give us a call on 01225 783222.

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