Dosing Systems

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At Draychem we provide three different types of dosing systems. These type of dosing systems range from; automated, centralised and hand dosing systems. All these three systems allow our customers to carry out their practical work with more ease. We believe that the dosing systems will be provide the following three statements.

Water treatment and re-mineralisation.

Control the dosing of wetting agents in the offset.

Allow for excellent finishing in the print industry.

Certain dosing systems are available for installation, but will need some contact beforehand. Draychem will continue to develop the systems to be as efficient and reliable as possible with the least maintenance required. More information about these three systems will be displayed below. If you would like more information regarding any of the dosing systems below, then please contact us.

Automated Dosing System

An automated dosing system allows for the dosing operation to occur either directly into individual print units or from a pre-diluted reservoir system. This ensures that every time a colour is changed, the anilox rolls will be maintained at the highest efficiency for your prints. This type of dosing system runs automatically. Allowing the system to carry out its procedures without having continuous inputs from an operator. It also eliminates the need for any inputs from an act or process of automating. 

Centralised Dosing System

For many years, Draychem has recognised that a good cleaning regime is of paramount importance, and it is also very necessary to make the operators role as easy as possible. As a result, we have developed our centralised dosing system. This type of system allows the chemicals to dilute to a pre-set ratio and deliver the correct dosage to each press via a hose reel or trigger, depending on what our clients want and the facility where the system is installed. We recommend this type of dosing system is more suitable to large factories with multiple presses.

Hand Dosing System

This type of system will have to be attached to a wall or suitable pillar. With a hand dosing system, we need to ensure that there is a main water supply feeding into the systems. This system will then dilute the chemicals to a pre-determined ratio, directly out of the chemical barrel. Draychem has developed dosing systems to suit most presses, ensuring that the maintenance of your anilox rolls is at its highest efficiency. Draychem can offer this specific dosing system on a free loan basis. However, we do require contact before to advise as to the most suitable system.

Hand Dosing Systems – Front view and Side view (Will mount on a wall)

Hand Dosing Stem Front                                                                                                            Hand Dosing System Side