We have developed a range of cleaning products designed specifically for use within the print industry.

Our products are effective, environmentally friendly and tailor-made to suit a range of problems.

The Effect of Dirty Anilox Rolls

Dirty anilox rolls give poor coverage and leads to striations and an increase in hickies. Reduced cell volumes will give out a poor colour matching, which over time will require an increase in the ink strength and viscosity to achieve the specific colour needed.  Having this problem will also make the ink very sticky and will increases the likelihood of wrap arounds, resulting in increased downtime and costs. As a result, Draychem have developed a range of solutions to suite ink types to maintain cell volumes.

Dirty Anilox Roll
Clean Anilox Rolls




In comparison to…



If you want to find out more about the auditing and care for your anilox rolls and how Draychem Ltd can help you, then please click here to find out more.


Dosing Systems

Draychem can offer a range of dosing solutions from fully automatic to hand dosing systems; all of these dosing solutions are available and if you require more information then please contact us. Our automated systems can dose directly into individual prints, allowing the flexibility to adjust solution types and strength. These systems are available on a free loan basis, but we do advise some form of contact first. If you want to know more about the type of dosing solutions we have to offer here at Draychem, then please go to our Dosing Solution Page.

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