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Draychem’s Chemical Solutions for the Print Industry

Cell Clean – Solvent Based Anilox Roll Cleaner (From £3.12 P/L)
Dray Clean – General Cleaner and Ink Remover (From £2.22 P/L)
Draysolve –  Solvent Ink Remover (From £11.61 P/L)
Dray Wash – General Anilox Roll Cleaner (From £2.04 P/L)
Master Wash – High Concentrate Ink Remover (From £4.60 P/L)
Multi Wash – Anilox Roll Cleaner (From £4.01 P/L)
Ultra Clean – Ink and Varnish Remover (From £4.56 P/L)

Benefits of Draychem’s Chemical Solutions

  • All products are non caustic and aggresive.
  • Our products are guaranteed not to cause any damage on Anilox Rollers.
  • Our products allows you to produce high quality print.
  • We can work alongside you and your printing targets and ensure to give you the best solution possible.
We have developed a range of cleaning products designed specifically for use within the print industry.Our products are effective, environmentally friendly and tailor-made to suit a range of problems.

Cleaning Solution Sizes