Auditing and Care

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Draychem provides a complete service for anilox volume, wear and damage auditing. At Draychem, we are happy to use our own method when auditing your report. Our method is the traffic light system. This system is done thoroughly to ensure that our customers understand what we have done to their rolls. We have been using this type of method for over 10 years and are proud of our cleaning and care service we provide.

The Draychem’s Method

Once we have finished cleaning and soda blasting your anilox rolls, we will then go through our audit and care method. Here at Draychem, we use a piece of kit called ‘CellVol Volume Kit.’ This particular piece of kit allows us to measure the cell volumes from your anilox rollers. By going round the edge of our sample print, which we collect at the start and finish, allows us to collect a volume figure. The CellVol Volume Kit will give a reading of your cell’s measurement in cm3/m2. When taking the samples, we use a 400-x microscope. This microscope enlarges a picture of the cell volumes so we can determine whether or not the cells are blocked, worn or even damaged.

Audit Report including our Microscope, CellVol Volume Kit, Traffic Light System and Report.

By using our traffic light system, it allows us to determine how dirty your anilox rolls really are. It is quick, easy and effective way for our Draychem Technicians. Throughout the years, this type of system has proven to be easy for us to use, but for our customers as well. The traffic light system allows our customers to understand where their anilox rolls have started to damage and prolong the damage in the long run. Which is important for us because it means we are making sure our customers are being cost-effective.

Once the anilox audit is completed. Draychem can then produce a detailed report of your anilox cleaning for your own records. More information about our Reports and what it entails can be found in our Blog sectionDraychem’s Report to you”. Along with the report, our Draychem technician will advise a suitable course of action, in respect of maintenance of the roll. To conclude, a regular auditing report allow us to monitor the performance and cleanliness of your anilox rolls.

Picture Description: (1) Type of Anilox Roller, (2) Original Volume Data, (3) Before Cleaning Volume Data, (4) After Cleaning Volume Data, (5) Additional Comments, (6) Microscopic Photos of the Cells from your Anilox Roll

How can we Maintain Optimum Cell Volumes?

  • Wash the units out regularly using Draychem’s range of cleaning solutions.
  • Do not allow the rubber roll or blades to be left in contact with the anilox roll when stopped.
  • Never leave the anilox roll inked up after printing and was out as soon as possible.
  • Regular anilox auditing to monitor the condition of the rolls.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you on the condition of you rolls. We can also offer you any advice, whether you are one of our customers or not.