The Perks of Ultrasonic Cleaners

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Ultrasonic technology is one of the most popular methods of cleaning anilox rollers. This type of technology has provided fast, safe and consistent cleaning. Giving you, effective cleaning to break down ink deposits and release them from engraved anilox cells. Our Ultrasonic cleaner is designed to be robust enough to cope with any type of print production environments. However, ensuring that this robust machine generate gentle yet effective cleaning to not harm the anilox rollers or cells.

Standard Features Include:
  • Tank capacities from 2Ltr to 27Ltr.
  • Frequency: 28 KHz
  • Housings and construction made of stainless steel (EN 1.4301/AISI 304)
  • In xx02 and xx12 models have ultrasonic power adjustment: 50%, 75%, and 99%
  • Fitted with an automatic shut off device for low water levels, which prevents burn out of the heaters.
Additional Features Include:
  • Adjustment of cleaning time and liquid temperature
  • High-efficiency piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers with special ceramics – Drainage valve
  • Comes with full operators manual.
  • Can substrates metals, plastics, glass, rubber and ceramics.
To find out more about Ultra Sonic cleaners, simple visit our machinery page or contact the business direct.
What our Customers Say:
“As a printing company, we mainly focus on short print runs. This means that we were ideally looking for a machine that was quick, reliable but also efficient with cleaning out the anilox cells. We have tried many ultrasonic machines. However, the one we bought off Draychem was the best. We were very happy and impress with the cleaning aspect and now we don’t have to worry about having poor printing quality.”

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Inside the Ultrasonic Cleaner

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