The Importance of Anilox Roll Cleaning

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At Draychem, we understand the effects of dirty anilox rolls and what it has on your printing qualities. We try our best to work closely and consistently with all our customers around the United Kingdom, for the past 10 years. As a company, we offer regular onsite support and offsite support. Our Soda Blast Technician will contact you when your anilox rolls need cleaning next.

Mike Lines, Managing Director at Draychem states: “We encourage all our customers to keep up their cleaning maintenance of their rolls. Leaving your anilox roll dirty or damaged will give you poor coverage and leads to striations and an increase in hickies. Overall giving you poor colour matching and overall makes your ink look tackier.”

If Anilox cells become contaminated with ink residue, it will have a direct impact on your quality and the amount of ink. Your printing machine will then try to boost colour strength of the inks to compensate this particular problem. Nevertheless, this problem does not stop here. The high viscosity ink tends to dry faster and become even harder to clean from within the microscopic Anilox cells. We know that Ink Colour pigment is also an expensive part of ink formulation, therefore the extra costs involved in compensating for a dirty Anilox roller can be significant.

Andy Armstrong, our Soda Blast Technician comments: “During our site visits, we sometimes find customers using unsuitable chemicals to keep up with the cleaning maintenance. Our advices to customers are always be on top of your maintenance and cleaning routines. Similarly, we can offer a number of specialist products for cleaning Anilox rollers.”

Draychem have a large range of products used to clean anilox rolls:

Cell Clean 20L Dray Wash 20L Multi Wash 20L Ultra Clean 20L

  1. Cell clean – a solvent based anilox roll cleaner (25L, 210L & 1000L)
  2. Dray Wash – general purpose cleaner for water-based inks (25L, 210L & 1000L)
  3. Multi Wash – anilox roll cleaner and water-based ink remover (25L, 210L & 1000L)
  4. Ultra Clean – anilox roll cleaner with high alkaline for removal of varnish and drying ink (25L, 210L & 1000L)

All of these are available to buy through our shop page and then locate print category. Draychem have built its ethos on supporting the use of our products. We are very proud of the products we sell. We can offer any advice, tips or training regarding all our products. Give us a call on 01225 783222.

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