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In October 2018, we welcomed our new Soda Blasting Technician Andy. From a background of working hard, being independent and learning things quickly. We thought he would be a brilliant asset to our team at Draychem Ltd.

Andy’s position is a Soda Blasting Technician and for people who do not know what this involves, I will explain now! Here at Draychem, we specialised in cleaning anilox rolls, normally associated within the printing industry. Andy’s service would entail coming to your place of work and looking at the cells within your anilox roll. This is done through our auditing and care service. He will then take dirty anilox rolls off the machine and prepare for cleaning, using Draychem’s cleaning detergents. After a couple of hours (normally 2 hours per roll) he will then go through the cell screening test again, to make sure that the cleaning process has been completed correctly. Taking a measurement of your cell volumes so he can write up a report for you, letting you know as our customer what the procedure done to your anilox rolls.

Andy is excited and keen to get his diary all filled up for 2019 with soda blasting. All you need to do is give him a ring on 07813-768732 or email him at andyarmstrong@draychem.co.uk. If you know that your anilox rolls need cleaning soon, and then please contact him for any advice, support and he can even pencil you in his diary.

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