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Multiwash is an anilox roll cleaner and water based ink remover based on a blend of solvent which has been proven to be effective and economical in the use of cleaning water-based inks from anilox rolls and printing plates. Its solvent based nature means that the product can be used on any part of the press without risk of aluminium corrosion or staining of any metals. This means that this product is ultimately safe to use and will not cause any pitting or corrosion associated with other products which contain caustic. The product is ideally used in conjunction with Draychem dosing systems and regular re-circulated bucket washes as part of a routine maintenance. The non-hazardous nature of the product also means that it can be applied through trigger sprays or other spraying equipment without the Health and Safety risks to operators associated with other irritant or harmful products. Because of this product’s superb degreasing and free rinsing qualities which allow it to leave no residue, Multiwash is ideal for use in ultrasonic tanks, general purpose cleaning and degreasing.

The choice of Draychem product is dependent on the application, machine and ink used. Among other things, this particular product is an Anilox Roll Cleaner and water-based ink remover and is therefore suited to Anilox Roll cleaning as well as the removal of water based inks. For further information please call.

In need of an Anilox Roll cleaning service? Look no further than Draychem for all your anilox roll as well as general cleaning needs.

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