The anilox roller is one of the most vital parts of the printing process.

Making anilox roll cleaning essential to the proper functioning of this process.

Draychem recognise the adverse effects of poor Anilox roll cleaning and maintenance on the printing process. Reduced cell volumes, lead to poor colour matching, coverage, striations and hickies. This results in increased ink strength/viscosity to achieve colour, which makes inks tackier and raises the likelyhood of wrap arounds resulting in downtime and costs.

Through years of research, Draychem have discovered that not all ink manufacturers products are the same, therefore there is not one universal cleaner which will work efficiently on all types of ink. As a result Draychem have developed a range of solutions, and product support including dosing systems, anilox auditing, bicarbonate of soda deep cleaning and ancillary products, to suit all ink types and maintain cell volumes, giving consistent colour and coverage and leading to the holy grail of ‘first box sold.’

Draychem work closely with ink manufactures to produce a range of anilox rollers and general cleaning solutions to match your ink system. Our special relationship with the ink manufacturers allows us to develop new products, wherever necessary to keep up with the development of their ink.

From specialist anilox roll cleaners, which can be applied via recirculated wash, or through Draychem’s specific dosing systems, to general cleaners for stereo and machine part cleaning, Draychem can offer you the perfect product for your application.

During our R&D programs, Draychem look at the most efficient ink removal, and also eliminating any adverse effects on machinery and effluent plants, as well as using the most environmentally and operator friendly chemicals available.

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